Dotless IP Calculator (updated)

Something about Dotless IP's

Numeric IP addresses are generally unrecognizable to people. That's why we
use names for network locations in the first place.

Using an IP address, in its usual dotted-decimal format, in place of
the name is commonly done and often effective to hide ur identity.

But there are other ways to express that same number. The alternate formats

"dword" - meaning double word because it consists essentially of two binary
"words" of 16 bits; but it is expressed in decimal (base 10);
"octal", meaning it's expressed in base 8; and
"hexadecimal" hexa=6 + deci=10 (base 16).

For example

The dword equivalent of ( is 3475931693.
With the use of our Dotless IP calculator we show how and give you the
calculation at once. Try it out Here

One last notice : some browsers can not handle the dotless ip's this
is also the case with some firewall's and proxy servers. This also
can be the case with HEX or OCTAL IP's.

Everything on this page has been tested with IE5.0, and only the mix of
Octal,Decimal,Hex and Decimal, Octal did NOT work.

Furthermore there is a bug in IE4.0 wich makes a dotless page apear
as if you access it from a INTRANET page.

Example's on

Dword : http://3569055659
Octal : http://0324.0273.0167.0253
Hex : http://0xD4.0xBB.0x77.0xAB Internet Explorer supports this, Netscape 3.x/4.x not

Also valid in Hex would be : http://0xd4bb77ab/

The last way of changing your IP breaks the records
What you think of mixing Octal/Hex/Decimal all together
or for netscape users Octal and Decimal ?

Yes this works, check this out : http://0324.0xbb.119.0253
or for netscape try this : http://0324.187.0167.171