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cover Windows 2000 DNS (Landmark)

Book Description

The Domain Name System is a directory of registered computer names and IP
addresses that can be instantly located. Without proper design and
administration of DNS, computers wouldn't be able to locate each other on
the network, and applications like email and web browsing wouldn't be
feasible. Administrators need this information to make their networks work.
Windows 2000 DNS, Second Edition provides a technical overview to DNS, WINS,
and how to design and administer them for optimal performance in a Windows
2000 environment.

Learn how to integrate DNS with WINS, and troubleshoot DNS using different
tools and utilities.

Get up to speed quickly on how to design in your Windows 2000 network;
including creation of primary and secondary DNS servers

Understand how to install and configure a DNS server, as well as configuring
clients for reliable name resolution.

cover Dns and Bind

"DNS & BIND" discusses one of the Internet's fundamental building blocks:
the distributed host information database that is responsible for
translating names into addresses, routing mail to its proper destination,
and many other services. This third edition covers BIND 4.9, on which most
commercial products are currently based.