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cover Internetworking IPv6 with Cisco Routers
(McGraw-Hill Computer Communications Series)

From the Back Cover

IPv6 is the Internet protocol of the future. Learn how to use it today. From
a world expert on global internetworking, here is the authoritative yet
accessible guide to IPv6, the network-layer protocol that will power the
Internet and intranets in the next millennium. Packed with precise and
detailed information derived from the final international standards, it
shows how to internetwork IPv6 with Cisco Systems routers-based on Cisco's
own strategic approach. Use this book as a self-study tutorial or a desktop
reference. Either way, you'll find: a truly hands-on approach that applies
to your daily work; Step-by-step guidance on migrating from IPv4 to IPv6;
Full coverage of the IPv6-related protocols ICMPv6, RIPv6, IDRPv6, and
BGP4+; Excellent troubleshooting help; Sample IPv6 packets, captured and
analyzed in print and downloadable from a Web server. In particular, you'll
learn how to use the powerful features of IPv6 for: REal-time transmission
of live audio, video, and video-on-demand over the Internet; Mobile Internet
access; Encrypted tunnels-the latest in network security. a Volume in the
McGraw-HIll Series on Computer Communications.

cover Implementing Ipv6 : Supporting the Next Generation Protocols

Book Description

The fundamental messaging protocol of the Internet, TCP/IP, is more than two
decades old. Its current version, IP4, is showing signs of age in terms of
its address space, security features, and routing specifications. IPv6 is a
critical new technology, essential for the geometrically increasing traffic
on the net. The second edition of Implementing IPv6 shows networking
professionals the how and why of making the transition -- and points out
both IPv6's capabilities, and the potential issues it raises for network
managers. Packed with illustrations, case studies, examples, and reference
appendices, this indispensible guide offers the kinds of details networking
pros need to meet the challenges of this new standard.