NetBIOS name resolution nodes

NetBIOS name resolution nodes define the order of the methods it uses for name resolution.

Note: regardless of which node the computer is using, the computer will always check the local NetBIOS name cache first, and the LMHOSTS file last.


Hybrid node. The computer will first query the WINS Server for the mapping, then if not successful, will use (up to) 3 b-node broadcasts. By inserting the IP address of the WINS Server in the computer's network properties, it defaults to H-node.


Mixed node. The computer will first use (up to) 3 b-node broadcasts, then if not successful, will query the WINS Server.


Point-to-point (aka Peer-to-peer). The computer will only query the WINS Server.


Broadcast. The computer will send out a broadcast to all computers on its local network to have the computer with the requested name send back a confirmation with its IP address. B-node is the default node method for non-WINS clients.

To alter which node your computer uses, you will need to make the proper changes in the DHCP Server. You will be prompted to give a value for the node you wish to use.

H-node = 08
M-node = 04
P-node = 02
B-node = 01