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Dx21's Subnet Calculator (freeware) |
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The Subnet Calculator (SC) by Dx21 is a utility designed to assist in the discovery
of appropriate subnetting schemes for your network. The SC can find the appropriate
subnet mask (with range information) for Class A, B, and C networks, based on input
from you, such as how many segments are required, or how many computers per
segment you require. Results can be saved to a report file for easier reference.

Platform: Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT4 / 2000
Version: 2.0.1


IP Subnet Calculator(freeware) |
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The IP Subnet Calculator is a free time-saving 32-bit Windows 95/NT
utility for computing information about IP addresses. Beginning with release
2.0, the IP Subnet Calculator has a new face lift along with added