Windows Internet Naming Services (WINS) servers resolve NetBIOS names to IP addresses.
NetBIOS names ARE a feature of the network node (or host machine).
The NetBIOS protocols require that NetBIOS nodes 'defend' their name from other machines
attempting to use the same name.

Likewise, a 'host' file resolves DNS names to IP addresses
while an 'LMHOST' file resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses.

So you can see a 1-1 mapping of DNS server to host file, and WINS server to LMHOSTS file.

The order of use of these name resolutions is dependent on various host options, check boxes,
and the assigned node types. But in general, if a DNS name cannot be resolved to an IP address,
then the WINS method will be used as a back-up resolution method.

Conversely, the DNS method can be selected -- or on some OS versions defaults -- for backing up the WINS/LMHOSTS resolution for NetBIOS names.